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OBS Studio is the best software that allows you to record videos and live stream various apps . Essentially, when a stream is interrupted and then re-established quickly, the delayed audio may be sent all at once and played quickly. Conversely, if audio information is missing during a stream of information, the other person may be getting duplicate information on a small scale that stretches out pieces of audio.

Here you’ll find the best mics we’ve tested, along with a guide to their various uses. But before we get to that, let’s talk a bit about microphones in general. The Blue Yeti X microphone is a worthy update to the lineup, with four mic patterns to meet a variety of recording needs.


You’ll also want to angle them so that they’re pointing at where your head typically is when you’re sitting at your computer. You’ll notice that some computer speakers are even angled to Webcam Mic Test help with this. You can also move the speakers further out to widen the sound stage if you want to feel a little more immersed. Just make sure to keep them around a few feet away. There’s no king of the mountain when it comes to the best computer speakers. Plenty of brands offer quality options that will satisfy most people’s needs when it comes to listening to movies, music, or games.

  • This is why there are various ways by which you can mend the glitch.
  • As a content creator you will often run into audio issues while streaming.
  • The features of all these software are not the same.
  • If this is the case follow the steps below to add your headphones as an audio source in Streamlabs.

The distance between the side of your mouth and the microphone should be at least 1 inch. Moreover, placing the microphone at its most optimal position will avoid annoying audio feedback and interference. Bluetooth codecs are responsible for encoding and compressing the audio data from a device. The compressed audio data then gets sent to another device for decoding. At the end of this process, the output audio is produced.

OBS Design Fundamentals – Game Capture Source

I’ve been a contributing editor for PCMag since 2011. Before that, I was PCMag’s lead audio analyst from 2006 to 2011. Even though I’m a freelancer now, PCMag has been my home for well over a decade, and audio gear reviews are still my primary focus. Prior to my career in reviewing tech, I worked as an audio engineer—my love of recording audio eventually led me to writing about audio gear.

Keep in mind they rely on your computer’s processing power. Okay so you now have most of the tech list that partly answers how to live stream. But there’s another essential aspect that you can’t skip — lighting for streaming. ✔ You need a capture card when you’re using a software encoder . Ensure the cable is routed in a manner that does not get in your way while streaming. When the microphone is plugged in, it should pop up on your laptop or computer indicating that it has been identified and is ready to be used.


You’ll also want to consider how important that low-end is for you. If you want something that can shake the walls whenever there’s an explosion in the game you’re playing or movie you’re watching, you’ll want a system with a subwoofer. “Microsoft Edge takes a wider lead against Chrome in JavaScript benchmarks”.

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