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Don’t think of the redesigned 2017 Mazda CX-5 as a completely new model. It’s more of an iterative evolution, like an iPhone 6 to a 6S, not a 7. That doesn’t mean there aren’t useful changes baked in, but the core of the new CX-5, including the powertrain, remains intact. Compare the 2017 CX-5 with last year’s model here.

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  • So, how is the Touring different from the trim levels beneath it?
  • Maybe a little difference in the way the engine holds the RPMs also.
  • I put Billy Boat Fusions on my V and at WOT, it sounds like I have cutouts!
  • I believe those mounts are designed to help reduce engine vibration and are known as active engine mounts.
  • Power and performance, the end result is a tie because they use the same sporty and efficient engine.

Invoice on the Sport vs Touring is about $7K, so you can knock that 9K difference down some. However, given a couple of the bigger options such as moon roof and sliding rear window are standard on all trim lines except the LX, whereas in the US you have to jump to the E to get those. Adding on to that, on 2019, carplay/android auto is standard on touring and higher . We had the budget to afford the “Grand touring” but the dealer didn’t have any on the lot, and we needed to replace a totaled car ASAP. We looked around, and could have waited a few days for them to get one from another dealer, but we thought about it, and really didn’t need any of the items of the upgrades, so we just went with a basic Sport. Anyways, the sport package is a MUST, for both appearance and performance.

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So when i dont want to be crazy loud they are perfect. But this isnt my daily driver so i wanted the car to just sound mean as hell and i guess i get that sound out of cut outs. I also like the Sport wheel and you do get the deck lid spoiler and the black chrome grill included in the Sport trim. So while you don’t get a few features that you get in the Touring trim, I’m happy that I have over $5k still in my pocket and still have a very well equipped model. I chose the Sport mostly due to the better value that model offers.

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I had to have this color so Sport was the only option… Anyway, I thought the 2.0T Sport was the best value for me. I read the dampers could be an expensive fix someday if they ever broke. Also, the stereo wasn’t much better in the Touring from what I had read on forums. I wish they had made it as simple as 1 set up for all and pushing a button on the dash to switch it from Normal to Sports suspension.

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I also like the Sport model’s interior fabric more than the leather in the Touring. While the Sport model doesn’t have adaptive dampers, it does have larger anti-roll bars so the ride of Sport model is a little more to my liking. 3-mode active dampers like in the Civic Type R would have been nice but I like that Honda didn’t add it to keep the pricing lower.

At least I think thats possible idk with the 2010s though. Led lights you could get new for like 500 i think so even then your saving money if you really want to buy all those options afterwords. Doesn’t have that much different….I do wish the touring had the HID headlights, but you gotta buy the grand touring as you all know. The most premium choice for the Mazda CX-9 trim lineup is the Signature grade, which has a starting price of $45,365 MSRP . DRM is Downshift Rev Match- when the ECU blips the throttle for you in manual mode on auto transmission. The least obvious reason for having power seats is so you can easily readjust the passenger seat to see out the right port hole window for checking blind spot.

If you don’t care for Mazda Connect, help may be on the way. Mazda has said Android Auto and Apple CarPlay capability are coming and should be backward compatible with existing Mazda Connect vehicles, including the CX-5. So even if you bought a CX-5 prerelease, there will be a way to update it and add those useful technologies — at a price yet to be determined.

The only reason why there’s a difference in name is because one works for the auto and the other works for manual. Touring is for guys like me who are older and softening. Honestly dude, Nissan Cars, Trucks, Crossovers, & SUVs | Nissan USA breaks this down perfectly. You won’t pay too much difference compared to buying new, the price margin on new is like $5k But here are some answers and opinions. This was my first new car ever, so I wanted to get all the bells and whistles. To my dissappointment, the car doesn’t have any bells or whistles.

There are plenty of beverage holders fore and aft. Tour to sport, without MSRC, is pretty subtle in the way it is programmed for the ATS. The steering is noticeable, throttle progression is slightly modified as are the transmission shift timing characteristics. I suspect Cadillac chose this setup to keep with a more traditional “Cadillac feel” in non-V series cars. Winter mode is considerably more intrusive with its second gear starts and greatly modified throttle progression. If you live where you can enjoy a manual then get the SI.

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